If you need an Urgent Reading there will be an extra fee of $15.00 on top of the price of the reading of your choice. The reading will be delivered in One Business Day.

Natal Chart Reading


This is a Voice audio of an 1hr where I will look at your 

  • Planetary Placements & House Placements

  • I interpret your chart from a intuitive point

  • This reading can help shed light into your personality and challenges to help you on your spiritual journey. 

What I will need is ​

  1. Name 

  2. Date of birth 

  3. Time of birth and Place of birth 

If you don't have your time of birth  that is okay!  I can still do a reading for you I just will not be able to give you your rising sign but,  I can still interpret your planet placements.

You will get a picture of your chart. This reading has a turn around of 11 Business days. 

Spiritual Guidance


This reading is just like the one in my youtube channel.This is a reading from your spirit guides , angels. In this reading you will receive the message that you need to hear at this time, not what you want to hear. This reading is 25 min Max

1 Question


 Pick one topic only to  get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, and so much more.  You will get a video via a private link. This reading is 20 minutes Max

I wil need 

  • Name 

  • Date of Birth 

  • Question 

2 Questions


Pick two questions only to  get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, and so much more. You will get your reading via a private link. Reading is Max 25-minutes

what I will need from you 

  • Name

  • date of birth

  • 2 questions

3 question READING


this reading is pure channeled messages only. I will contact spirit to deliver the messages you seek. this reading is 40min long and you can ask 3 questions only.

For this reading I will need 

  • name 

  • date of birth 

  • your 3 questions

Meet your Guides


Have you ever wanted to know who your guides or angels are ? In this reading you will meet your guide/s . We will see why is this guide with you, what are the signs they are with you and much more. This reading is 4o-min Long Reading

For this reading I will need 

  • Name

  • Date Of Birth 

  • Sales are Final.

  • The reading is send through Email or video.

Past Life Reading


In this reading we will go over what themes are affecting you from past lives. This reading can be used between you and someone else as well. We will explore themes that have been playing out in past lives and you will receive guidance and purpose for this connection. This reading will also let you know if indeed you do have a past life together or if this is a new connection in this lifetime.  
This is a 45min or more.

Twin Flame Reading


  • This reading will only be available the month of February 2022

  • I will Look at the current energies of the Masculine & Feminine. 

  • The obstacles you will face in your journey. 

  • Your mission together 

1-1 Coaching


1-1 session for 1 hr where I will help you work through your blockages and traumas. This meeting is via zoom