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Who am I ?


Welcome to JJConstellation! I am the CEO, and Founder of this cosmic journey. As a passionate YouTuber, professional tarot reader, spiritual coach, and Reiki Master, I bring over 17 years of experience in the mystical realms.

My spiritual journey began early, and I have always felt a deep connection with the universe. Guided by this connection, I've dedicated my life to helping others navigate their paths through the profound insights of Tarot. With an 

A.A. Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, I merge academic knowledge with intuitive wisdom to provide holistic guidance.

Being a professional tarot reader is not just a skill for me; it's a calling that has evolved over nearly two decades. I believe in the power of the cards to bring awareness and healing, and I'm here to share that wisdom with you. My readings are not just predictions; they are empowering tools to navigate life's challenges and changes.

Beyond tarot, I am a spiritual coach committed to teaching and empowering others. I've been blessed with the gift of connecting with the spiritual realm, and I love nothing more than facilitating that connection for my clients. Together, we can uncover the guidance of universal forces and your personal spiritual guides.

As a Reiki Master, I harness the energy of the universe to promote healing and balance. Whether through tarot readings or Reiki sessions, my focus is on fostering awareness, love, and transformation in the lives of those I work with.

Proudly Mexican and Salvadoran, my cultural roots enrich my spiritual practice. I celebrate diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the beauty in the tapestry of human experiences.

My mission is to bring forth awareness and healing through love. I invite you to explore the cosmic realms with me, embrace your spiritual journey, and discover the transformative power that lies within.

Beyond The Cosmic Veil,

In addition to my cosmic endeavors, I hold a medical assistant certificate, bringing a grounded perspective to holistic well-being.

Media Recognition:

Bold Journey, Voyage LA, and Shoutout LA have recognized my cosmic journey, offering glimpses into the celestial tapestry I weave.

 I have a P.O. Box where you can send me letters or anything your heart desires.



145 N. 5th St 

P.O. Box 850


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