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Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Hi JJ,

  OMG!! I am smiling ear to ear!! Thank you SO much! Jesus you are so good at reading cards.Definitely good at reading cardsI feel so blessed to have crossed paths with youI swear you are amazing!! Thank you again! 


So Spot on! It made my day. Spot on when you said we have a strong connection. wow! Best Reading I have ever had , thank you.


OMG JJ , God you are good at this , you are keeping me sane through this process. So much truth in your reading. 


Hola JJ!!

    Thank you sooooo much for doing the bonus reading! I appreciate it a lot. Eres tan linda, Dios siempre vendiga tu luz! You're doing great work.

I was laughing a lot because Spirit was on point calling me out for my stubbornness plus other aspects of my personality LOL.


I wanted to sincerely thank you. This was beautiful and eye opening. I have loving guidance. I am so grateful. My guides are very clear. Sometimes I don't pay attention or see but my guides are direct! Lol thank you for being a loving conduit.  I plugged you and my dear friend who also does work, on my channel.


I did receive the reading and loved the signs from my guides. My guides and I have a very deep connection, so it was fun to see their handiwork in the video.

Thanks again for all of your help and for offering these types of services. They’re a lifesaver!


" I am currently going through many changes in my life. Some are external and others are internal. Therefore, they cause anxiety, confusion, fear of the unknown and a sense of despair. I saw some readings of JJ on her YouTube channel, and I was impressed by the accuracy of them. I decided to order a private reading from her so as to help me to navigate through all of this uncertainty and mixed feelings. I was amazed, impressed but most of all, I felt comfort and peace after watching the reading that she did for me. I didn't expect that she was going to be so thorough, insightful, and so incredibly talented. She was able to describe my current situation as it is, give me sound advice, and even described, as well as talked to me about a loved one that passed away 10 years ago. She gave me so much relief, peace and joy with her reading. She is a beautiful soul but mostly, an incredible empath and talented psychic. I am one that believe that you create your own path but sometimes, life is full of obstacles and even, darkness. JJ was a light that gave me strength and light, and that is rare and priceless. I highly recommend her for a reading as she is the real deal". 

¡Gracias por todo lo que has hecho por mi, JJ!


 I just watched my reading about me and my twin flame.  Just wanted to let you know your great.  You really hit on so much about everything,. You got her sign, she is a Leo you picked up that she was dealing with a ex that she needed to heal from and release her past, and today she reached and we got together and talked about everything and she got rid of the ex today and we are going to take things slow so she can heal and this can truly develope into the, amazing thing it is.


Hi JJ, 

Wow I am totally mind blown by your reading. Thanks to you, I will be able to enjoy my precious time with my kids without constantly wondering what the future has in store for me. Thank you again JJ, you’re gifted. 

By the way, yes I heard your son’s phone! Wowwww again! Fingers crossed I will be financially independent, hopefully soon!  By the way, you’re absolutely right, I am often associated with writing and teaching and I intend to do something online. I have a rough idea but I’m still clueless where and how to start. I guess I’ll have to be patient as my kids are only 2.5 years old and 10 weeks old. Often I tell myself to allocate at least 5 years for my child(ren) before I pursue my destiny but I guess I can already start planting the seed. 

Thank you again JJ and I will come back whenever I need your guidance. Meanwhile, I’m gonna enjoy your YouTube posts. 

Take care and stay safe. 


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