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30min Distant Reiki Session

30min Distant Reiki Session

This is a Distant Reiki session that is 30 min. You will recieve a save the date image just for the website requirements but I will email you within 24hrs. 


I am Level I and Level II Reiki Certified. 


After Booking:

  • I will email you with in 24 hrs to schedule a date and time.
  • Once our session ends I will send you a voice memo with my findings; this might include channeled message or recomendations. 


How the session works:

  • Distant reiki is sent to anyone , anywhere and at any time with permission.
  • This sessions are done by proxy.
  • To recieve the energy you dont have to do anything special , just lay down or go for a walk and allow youself to receive.
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