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Major Arcana PDF

Major Arcana PDF

I synthesized all my knowledge of reading tarot for 17 years in this pdf. This pdf is great if you have always wanted to learn tarot or for those who are having trouble connecting with the major arcana.  If you took my tarot class you do not need to purchase. You got this in class.  *** All Intellectual Property and content is owned by JJConstellation™ What is covered in the pdf:What is tarot Uses for tarot Meaning of all major arcana and shadow (Reversal) meanings8 Major arcana combinationsHow to connect with your tarot deckCourt Cards Basic Meanings Uses For the PDF:Learn Major Arcana Quick reference Refresh your memoriesEasy access since its accessible via file, can be stored on your computer or phone while on the go  Or you can print one out to have on your reading table 😉
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