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Intention Candles charged with reiki

Intention Candles charged with reiki


This candles have been dressed , anointed and prayed over. Limited quantaties will be available.. They have been charged with my pure intentions, I used oils that are hand made by me. We suggest that you charge it with your energy to add to the magic, even write a petition for what you need and placing it underneath the candle before you light it. 


Always keep your candle burning within sight . We recommend turning off all candles when leaving the room or before going to sleep. 


*** I am not responsible or liable for any fire or flame damage. 


    All sales are final . 



    Due to covid-19 all orders will be shipped out once a week and you may expect delays.

    All products will be shipped via USPS. 

    Allow 5 business days for your order to process and ship out. This is a small business with one person handling all orders, shipping and social media. 

  • What's included

    • You will receive a pyrite crystal with your candle.
    • 1 candle that I will pick for you intuitively. Colors will vary.
    • Channeled message hand written just for you from your Guides.
  • Uses

    Great candle for  setting your intentions for the upcoming year 2021 or for anything you want to manifest.

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