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Limpia | Spiritual Cleansing

Limpia | Spiritual Cleansing


My  Limpias | Spiritual Cleansings are designed to clear negative energies that linger in our spiritual, mental, and emotional levels.


I create a sacred space where  you can  release past traumas, emotional blockages, and stagnant energy that may be hindering your growth and well-being.


One of the key elements of my Limpias is the balancing of your seven main chakras. These vital energy centers play a crucial role in maintaining your overall spiritual health. Through my specialized techniques, I gently realign and harmonize these chakras, allowing for the free flow of energy throughout your being. This process promotes a deep sense of balance, vitality, and connection to your higher self.Moreover, my  Limpias provide powerful spiritual protection. In a world where negative energies can impact our well-being, I understand the importance of creating a shield of spiritual defense. I fortify your aura, creating a barrier that repels negativity and safeguards your spiritual journey. This protection empowers you to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.


How is it done?


Once you have emailed me your intention for the candle I will 

  • Prepare your candle and light it up
  • I will proceed to do the chakra alignment and the spiritual cleansing using herbs and tabacco to connect with your guides and my guides to hold space to do the distance cleansing.  
  • I will aslo use drums, spirirtual marraca and of course my tarot deck
  • You will receive photos of the candle as it burns 


Once the candle fully burns out.

I will record the mini reading with my observations and suggestions. I will also read the candle glass for you. 



  • Return Policy & Shipping

    There are no refunds

  • Disclaimers

    All candles are personalized for each petition so no candle is prepared the same way. 

    This service can take up to 4 days for your candle to burn. 

    You will be updated with photos of your candle while it burns. 

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